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Are All Solar Companies A Scam?

The UK domestic solar industry is huge and is growing at a rate of around 425 new installations per day; totalling 150,000 new homes with Solar PV each year in addition to the 750,000 existing Solar PV installations - as of Dec 2015.

As with any industry there is a large variety of companies and people involved in the UK Solar Industry, from major corporations operating nationwide to one-man-band sales-&-installation companies that operate on a local scale.

The vast majority of businesses in the solar industry offer a genuine service & product on the back of honest advice & no-pressure sales, however, there are a few bad eggs that have the potential to ruin the UK solar industries reputation for everybody.

At, we see it that there are a few groups within the solar industry;

The Consumer - generally looking to make a financial saving or return whilst benefiting the environment.

The 'Good' Solar Companies - giving consumers genuine honest advice and delivering exactly what they say, if not more.

The 'Bad' Solar Companies - utilising devious sales tactics to trick consumers into buying often over priced systems that don't deliver the results the customer has been assured of. is here to help consumers who have been unlucky enough to be victim of mis-selling at the hands of the 'Bad' Solar Companies.

We work on the consumers behalf to obtain a refund or finance write-down so that they get what they thought they were getting. We operate on a no-win-no-fee basis so you don't part with any further monies upfront, as we see it; you're already out of pocket from being mis-sold solar panels, it would be unfair to ask for more money upfront to right that wrong.

In the interest of fairness, we'll also point out that there are one or two 'bad' solar claims companies who have obtained data illegally and/or have ties to 'bad' solar companies. A quick search of the internet will reveal these.

Check back here soon as we'll be posting a guide to Avoiding Bad Solar Installation Companies.

By: James
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