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Are We Another Money Grabbing Scam?

On our Facebook page ( we were recently asked if we were 'another greedy money making scam' and we were labeled 'the scrouge of the earth' by a gentleman whose name we will omit from this post to spare him his blushes.

At first we were offended, angry and upset. We wanted to have the post removed immediately! How dare he say that about us? He doesn't know anything about us yet he's publicly berating us!

Then after some deep breathing and collectively slow counting backwards from ten we realised that in todays claim-for-anything culture the gentleman could be forgiven for thinking that we're just another ambulance chasing claims firm looking to make a quick buck from exploiting a legal loop hole of some sort but the reality is that this couldn't be farther from the truth.

At Mis-Sold-Solar we help clients from all over the United Kingdom reclaim monies they thought they'd lost as a result of the mis-selling of solar panels by dodgy solar panel companies.

Unlike other solar claims companies we don't charge anything upfront. Not a penny. Never. We operate on a no-win-no-fee service for all of our clients so we will never ask you to make any upfront payments.

We do all the leg work and cover all the costs of making your solar mis selling claim, including court fees if applicable, and only when you're completely happy with the settlement we arrange do we get our fee. It's really that simple, if you're not happy; we don't get paid.

When choosing a claims company, be it for Solar Panel Mis Selling or any other type of claim, it's hugely important to check that the company is registered with the Ministry of Justice Claims Regulator, this is the UK Governments department that monitors the claims industry. Every authorised claims company is issued with an Authorisation Number, ours is CRM 42094, if a claims company does not have an authorisation number, they are not legally allowed to process claims, so you should not proceed with them and report them to the Claims Regulator.

We're proud to say we offer a genuine service for a fair fee, that's why new clients are joining us everyday from all over the United Kingdom to claim compensation for mis-sold solar panels.

If you feel that you may have been mis-sold solar panels, simply fill in the Quick Enquiry Form or call 0845 388 0381 to start your claim today!

By: James
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