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PV Solar UK Ltd - a damning report from RECC

A recent non-compliance panel hearing held by The Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) has delivered a damning blow to those involved with PV Solar UK Ltd also known as Warmhome4U.

The RECC is a governing body whose purpose is to ensure consumers are treated fairly and provided with good service by companies working in the renewable energy sector.

The hearing took place on the 20th of July 2017 in London with various panel members from the RECC in attendance as well as other officials who were there to ensure a fair hearing was undertaken.

Nobody from PV Solar UK Ltd attended despite numerous communications being sent to them informing them of the hearing and a member of the panel contacting a director by telephone shortly after the hearing started - the director confirmed nobody wished to attend.

The hearing was called due to numerous breaches of the RECC code of practice by PV Solar UK Ltd over it's history of trading.

Those breaches included: use and distribution of mis-leading advertisements and sales material, systematic and repeated high pressure sales tactics from their sales reps, providing false and mis-leading system performance information and income generation predictions, operating with unfair terms of business, failing to handle customer complaints in accordance with RECC rules and non-payment of invoices relating to complaints handled by the RECC.

The RECC evaluated the evidence in regards to all of the breaches and concluded that the breaches were of the most serious nature and that the company had made significant financial gain as a result of the breaches.

Various outcomes were considered but the panel concluded that PV Solar UK Ltd (Warmhome4U) should have it's membership to the RECC terminated with immediate affect.

This ruling is a huge step forward for consumers that have fallen victim to mis-selling by PV Solar UK Ltd and we are thrilled to see that meaningful steps are being taken to prevent PV Solar UK Ltd from continuing to mis-sell solar panels to customers throughout the UK.

If you feel you have been victim to PV Solar UK Ltd, contact us today using the Quick Enquiry Form and let us help you reclaim your losses.

To read the full RECC hearing document, visit the RECC website here:

By: John Houlder
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